The Tubman-Brown Organization is an anti-racist, feminist, pro-queer, pro-gun, pro-revolution, working-class organization based in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Our goal is to help the poor communities of the city already defending themselves from the violence of the status quo.

What We Do

We hold self-defense trainings and study group meetings, as well as barbecues (or movie screenings if the weather doesn’t permit).

Immediate, Intermediary Goals

Development of a revolutionary praxis in Philadelphia.

Development of subsistence infrastructure for poor/working class people in Philadelphia.

Abolition of the punitive state, i.e. the repressive bureaucracy of the State: the police, prisons, courts, etc. in Philadelphia.

End Goals

Worker’s control of the means of production.

Free healthcare, housing, university education, etc. for all.

Abolition of capitalism, sexism, racism, homophobia, and all forms of structural oppression.

***Here is a more extensive outline of our politics***

Contact us for free copies of our periodical, “Solidarity & Defense.”