Marxist-Feminist Reading List


Some of us have been reading and discussing the following texts, which grapple with questions raised by Marxist-feminism. The texts provide the basic conceptual tools for beginning to theorize the gender/sex system in its relation to the capitalist mode of production and overall system of social reproduction. We believe that any movement for a classless society needs to engage with the gendered division of labor (waged and unwaged) on both practical and theoretical levels.

“We Seek Full Equality for Women” by Claudia Jones


“Women, Race, and Class” by Angela Davis


“Racial Ethnic Women’s Labor” by Evelyn Nakano Glenn


“Sex, Race, and Class” by Selma James


“The Dialectic of Sex” by Shumalith Firestone


“Self-Reproduction and Oaxaca Commune” by Barucha Calamity Peller


“Women in Uprising: the Oaxaca Commune, the State, and Reproductive Labor,” by Barucha Calamity Peller


“Social Reproduction Beyond Intersectionality” by McNally and Ferguson



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